Alisa C. Lewin

I am an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Haifa.  I joined the University of Haifa after completing my PhD at UCLA.  I have also been a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago (2003-2006), and a visiting faculty at Stanford University (2018-2019).  My primary research interests are in demography of the family, poverty, and inequality.  Much of my research focuses on the link between gender, family and poverty. 

Recently funded research projects include: 

2020                      Poverty in Times of Corona, funded by MOST – the Ministry of Science                                                    (with Michal Shamai)

2020-2023          Gendered Life Courses and Inequality among Older Adults, funded by                                                      the Israel Science Foundation (with Haya Stier).

2021-2022          Growing up in Poverty: Long-Term Effects of Childhood Poverty on Life                                                   Chances, funded by the Israel National Insurance Institute (with Haya Stier).

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